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Cost & Deposits:


Cost is $1,200. Plus $50 pop ( Includes Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Ginger-Ale and 7-up )


All socials require an EGCC rental contract accompanied with a  $200 damage deposit. Written for the day of the event.

Capacity: 400 people.

Dates:  Earl Grey can be booked for socials on Fridays and the Thursday before Good Friday only.

Our price includes:
2 bartenders
250 beer cups
250 liquor cups
coffee, cream, sugar, milk and cups,
Tables & chair (set up & take down)

Not included: ice, mix, any extra cups, alcohol, food, LGA permit.

Serving Alcohol:
In order to serve alcohol at your event you will need a Social Occasion Permit from the Liquor Gaming Authority of Manitoba.  Information is available here.*

 For information on social contracts, deposits and rentals please contact us at 204-452-2074.

*Applying for an LGA Social Occasion Permit at EGCC does not constitute a booking.  Please do not apply for your permit until you have an EGCC rental contract.



  1. The cost of the rental is $1200.00. There is a $200 deposit payable by cheque at the time of booking. It is to be dated for the day of the social and will be returned at the end of the night, provided there is no damage. The remainder of the rental fee is to be paid by 6:00pm on the day of your event. Option 1: full cash payment ($1000 plus pop if applicable) Option 2: $400 cash and the remainder on Credit or Debit

  2. The rental party will responsible for any damage beyond the $200.00

  3. Cancellation of any event must be made one month in advance. Without proper notice, the $200.00 will be held.

  4. The hours of rental shall be from 8:00PM to 1:00AM, with set up starting at 5:00PM

  5. The times of the event must be clearly printed on the ticket. The bar will open at 8:00PM provided the entire rental fee has been paid. The bar will close at 12:45AM and music will be turned off at 1:00AM. The building must be cleared no later than 2:00AM

  6. A member of the community centre executive shall be in attendance to oversee any and all activities that are taking place at the centre. The above member shall reserve the right to remove any and/or all persons from the centre for inappropriate behaviour.

  7. It is the renters’ responsibility to remove all garbage from tables and floors. Garbage bags will be provided if needed. All table and chair set-up and take-down is the responsibility of the centre.

  8. No other persons other than the designated bartenders will be allowed in the designated bar area.

  9. A permit must be presented before alcohol will be allowed on community centre property. The permit must be clearly posted in the designated bar area. Alcohol must NOT be delivered between the hours of 3:15PM-5:00PM

  10. All alcohol must be served in plastic cups or CANS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED-  NO EXCEPTIONS

  11. All alcohol, not consumed by the end of the event, must be properly removed from the community centre. All alcohol left on premises shall be removed by the centre and not returned.

  12. All entrances must be kept closed to prevent excess noise

  13. Smoking shall be permitted only in one designated outdoor area. This rule must be enforced at all times

  14. The centre is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles

  15. Reckless driving, misuse of property or excessive noise on or about the property during or after the event will result in the deposit being held, the event being cancelled, and/or the police being notified

  16. As part of this agreement and all payments being made by the renter the centre will provide: 2 bartenders, 1 security, set-up and take-down, 100 cups of coffee with condiments, 250 beer cups, 250 liquor cups. The renter will be responsible for any extra cups. 

  17. Pop (Pepsi, 7-Up, Diet Pepsi, Ginger ale) for the evening can be provided for an additional cost of $50. All other mix would be the renters’ responsibility.

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