Mission Statement
We believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines and all should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports. KidSport™ provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.

About Us
KidSport™ Canada is a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment to kids aged 18 and under. Through a confidential application process we provide grants so they can play a season of sport. One of our primary goals is to support our network of 11 provincial/territorial KidSport chapters and 177 community KidSport chapters across Canada in their fundraising and sport activities.

Our Goals
The immediate goals that drive all KidSport Canada initiatives are:

  • To acquire sustainable revenue to maintain KidSport Canada’s day-to-day operations that, in turn, support our network of 11 provincial and territorial chapters.
  • To generate sufficient long-term revenue to help subsidize the activities and grant applications of provincial and territorial chapters and over 175 community chapters.
  • To increase awareness of the KidSport program in more communities with children and youth in need.
  • To develop new alliances that will lead to increased financial support so that more children and youth are participating in organized sport.
  • To continue creating accessible or no cost initiatives for children and youth with social, financial or physical literacy barriers.
  • To become a catalyst for healthier and more active children and youth in Canada.

How To Apply
KidSport raises funds through corporate donations, foundation grants, planned giving and special activities and events. Funds that are raised help offset the cost of participant registration fees for community based sport programs. Funding is administered by Sport Manitoba’s Regional Offices.

KidSport is limited by the funds we are able to raise, therefore we want to ensure we assist those most in need. Our volunteers use the Statistics Canada Low Income Cut-off guidelines as a tool to determine which families are eligible for assistance. Exceptions may occur for unique circumstances, but in most cases applications will not be considered if your household gross income is higher than shown in the chart below.

2019 Low Income Cut-off Guidelines
Family Size Maximum Household Gross Income
2 $31,906
3 $39224
4 $47622
5 $54013
6 $67823

Application deadlines for all regions are April 30th and October 15th of each year. Winnipeg Region and Westman Region also have an additional application deadline of July 15th.

Based on demonstrated need, assistance of up to $300 per individual is available to children ages 18 and under to help offset the cost of registration fees. Provincial Sport Organizations must recognize planned activities.

KidSport Fund Application for Financial Assistance

KidSport Equipment Application Form

Please visit the KidSport website for more information!

The General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres (GCWCC) was established in 1971 when the 13 autonomous municipalities and the City of Winnipeg were amalgamated to form Unicity. The Council consists of a volunteer board comprised of an elected Executive Committee, a Representative Board where members are appointed by each of the five District Centre Boards, a representative of the City of Winnipeg, Community Services Department, and the Winnipeg Minor Hockey Association.

Originally the GCWCC was formed to promote and encourage cooperation and communication among the community centres and city administration, and to provide a central council for the exchange of ideas and consider solutions to common problems. Over the past decade the GCWCC has experienced changes in their mandate and the responsibilities of the Council have increased dramatically in such areas as leadership development, developing policy statements on all aspects of the operation of community centres, as well as being responsible to administer both Municipal and Provincial grant funding through the programs you will find on this website.

G.C.W.C.C Program Subsidy Form

Please visit the G.C.W.C.C website for more information!

One in three Canadian families cannot afford to enrol their children in sport and recreation activities because of financial barriers (Ipsos Reid, 2009). That means that many kids are missing out.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart is dedicated to removing barriers, so children can participate in organized sport and recreation.

We see it as equipping kids for life, because participation in organized sport and recreation increases a child’s chance for success in life.

They discover and participate. They gain self-confidence. They develop self-esteem. They learn leadership skills. Their lives become richer. This is the power of Canadian Tire Jumpstart.

How We Help
We get kids in the game by covering the costs of equipment, registration and/or transportation. We also lend support to unique initiatives aimed at increasing access to sport and recreation programs.

Kids learn to swim through a unique program supported by Canadian Tire Jumpstart.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart lent support to help new Canadian children in the St. James Town neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario. This community comprises more than 60 ethnic groups, immigrants and new Canadians. They had a unique challenge: the majority of their children were unable to swim. There were facilities (pools), but no programs.

Working in partnership with a number of groups, including St. James Town Community Matters, Canadian Tire Jumpstart helped develop a long-term solution. We secured local experts from the Toronto Swim Club to lead the swimming programs and to mentor leaders at the community organization. Speedo Canada generously donated goggles, caps and suits, which elevated the group’s self-esteem and developed a sense of team.

The results were incredible. A group of previously underserviced and at-risk children had the opportunity to learn basic swimming and critical water safety skills. In the process, they gained self-confidence and increased self-esteem. The program was later expanded to youth to help them earn lifeguard certification, become leaders and contribute to building a swimming culture within their community.

How to Apply
Applications for assistance can be submitted from Jan. 15 – June 1 for spring/summer programs, and from July 1 – Nov. 15 for fall/winter programs.

  • Contact 1-877-616-6600. Be prepared to provide contact information and the details of the sport or recreational activity your child would like to participate in.
  • All information is forwarded to your local Canadian Tire Jumpstart chapter for review.
  • Applicants will be contacted if they are approved or if further information is required.
  • All information received is kept confidential.

The Canadian Tire Jumpstart program provides grants up to a maximum of $300 per qualifying child per session (i.e., spring/summer, fall/winter). Grants are provided directly to the non-profit or charitable organization coordinating the sport or recreational activity on behalf of the qualifying child. Since each child’s financial needs are unique, Canadian Tire Jumpstart’s contribution can be made for equipment, registration or transportation costs.

All approvals are the sole discretion of the local Canadian Tire Jumpstart chapter and designated Canadian Tire Jumpstart personnel.