EGCC Board

EGCC Board September 2022(current)

Executive Committee:
President:  Giovanni Spina
Vice President Lotteries / Fundraising :  Charlene Puglisi
Vice President House & Grounds: Tanya Sigursdson
Vice President Publicity: Roxanne Scarth
Treasurer:  Fawn Hill
Secretary:  Jennie Upton

Sports Director:  Sue-Ann Campbell
Children’s, Pre-Teen / Teen Program Director:  Julie Bannon
Special Events Director:  Sue-Ann Campbell
Conveners (non-voting):
Seniors Programming:  Randy Popp
Monday Whist:
Thursday Afternoon Bingo: Brenda Green
Basketball Convener: Sue-Ann Campbell
Mini Soccer Co-Conveners:  Staff
Hockey Convener:  Fort Garry North Hockey Association – website

Ex-Officio Members (non-voting):
Earl Grey Neighborhood Safety Association
Dante Day Nursery

Interested in filling one of the open positions?

Please contact Sue-Ann Campbell at 204-452-2074.

Updated September 2022.